The Burning Bridges World Tour Continues!

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So, my wife came down for a visit. We had our customary arguments, went a few rounds of what had become our favorite game. It doesn’t have a name, but the game’s played like this: yell, point fingers and blame each other to see which one is the most insensitive, which one has done the most for the other one, which one is the most at fault for the shit-fest our marriage has become. As it is, we both come away victorious when we play this; “victory” being defined as emerging with festering resentment, hoarse voices, bitter recriminations, and (for me at least) the urge to get lost in a six-pack or twelve. Embarrassment is another sign you’ve been playing the game right, usually because the game oftentimes has a very public element. This time, we had a lightning round in the parking lot of my apartment.

We are bad for each other. I know this. My wife is in denial. I can’t think of anyway that my reactions to her and my interactions with her could be construed as a positive, but, there you go. We called it quits. Lawyers will soon be involved, like the carrion they are. (Sorry if you are a lawyer, especially if my lawyer cousin is reading this, but, you know. I’m about to get a divorce – I’m required by law to have a negative view of your profession.) Soon will begin the dividing of possessions and merchandise. Soon will begin the looking back at the wedding gifts, the furniture, the TV, the rings. Who gets what, who pays who how much a month. I can hardly wait.

Included in this post are a bunch of artsy – fartsy pictures I took at the hotel room she found for us. It’s quite nice, actually. Just the sort of place that, in happier times, we always said we’d stay in on the beach. Lovely views of the gulf at sunset, tiny and intimate, run by a woman who lives right next door. It’s beautiful, and I will never ever set foot on it, or the beach it is adjacent to, again.

Looking up from the courtyard.

it's...on fire, I guess?

You can actually see this from the room.

They have a lot of these scattered around the property in and amongst the shrubbery.

words and pictures © Christopher Ward. All rights reserved.


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