National Novel Writing Month! W. T. F.

Posted: November 1, 2011 in National Novel Writing Month
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So, I found out about this bit of insanity, wherein folks decide that they will write a novel in thirty days. Under the auspices of The Office of Letters and Light, there will be people all over the world who, for one month, will have horrible coffee shakes, bad breath, poor hygiene, a thousand-yard-stare and more irritability than usual! How could I pass up the opportunity to be part of this madness?


This is what I looked like before I started. As time goes on, I expect to more and more resemble this:

I'm perfectly fine. Why do you ask?

And, of course, by the time November the 30th rolls around:

Go. Away. Now.

Great fun will be had by all and sundry, I suppose. I may actually post some excerpts here from time to time. Be forewarned, however: the main reason I’m doing this is to try and defeat my tendency to edit the same few sentences over and over, attempting to create literary perfection. This ain’t gonna be that. Quantity over quality is the watchword, so expect pure, unadulterated 100% corn-fed drivel. As opposed the usual drivel that has been somewhat adulterated. Ahem.

Anyway, the event is called National Novel Writing Month. Here’s their website:

And, as a bonus, since it’s still the first day of the month, you can get in on this, too!  You know you want to do it.


words and pictures (except for Daffy Duck, who is a Warner Bros. creation and displayed under Fair Use provisions)© Christopher Ward. All rights reserved.


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