So, today was a little better than yesterday, or the past few days, actually. I started by trying to tell the story of The Battle of the Eraser from the point of view of the other side; that led me to find a way to tie in what I wrote yesterday to what I did today. I’ve fallen behind, though. I’ll have to try and make that up soon. This is another short excerpt; mainly because I wanted to let you see where I ended up, and to see a little of my thought process in action. You’ll see what I mean.


“Hey, sarge,” Tilu began, “You know what this is about?”

Setetenepini glanced at her friend. How many battles had they fought together, now? Could you count them off by names, by places, by fellow soldiers that didn’t come back? “This is where Xeri bought it, and that crater is where Kuli lost an arm, and I got this scar from a stray rail pellet near the old temple, and your eyebrows got singed off for a week defending some asteroid or comet or whatever …”  There were the counts used by the historians, the planners, the leaders, and then there were the counts used by the ones who got their asses shot at.

In response to Tilu’s question, Setetenepini shrugged. “Captain Kissy says that they’re gonna try something sneaky, and we’re supposed to board them and stop it.”

The “we” that was supposed to board the Power of the Duality was a fleet of troop transports that had been tricked out with some sort of new armor. This armor, allegedly, did odd things to the electromagnetic spectrum. “Photonic interphasing”, the brains in HQ called it. “Spooky as fuck” was what everyone else, who saw the transports soundlessly disappear, called it. Impossibly, invisibly, the small fleet crept up to the backside of the Power of the Duality.

Author’s note: Space battle goes here. Come up with something exciting and dramatic in your own mind, I don’t feel like it at the moment. Setty’s people board the Power of the Duality, action ensues, they get the Eraser jammed in the ship but it still goes off. There’s an explosion, everybody buys it, yadda yadda yadda. Then, somehow, Setty’s exoskeleton saves her by accident, so that she floats away from the epicenter of the Eraser’s blast. When she floats back to the Shield of Faith base, she finds that all her dead colleagues from this last battle are still alive, Tilu’s the sarge, and nobody knows who Setty is. Then, we pick up from yesterday’s, um, trainwreck, and go from there. Ah, it’s the craft of writing that gets me right here.  



words and pictures © Christopher Ward. All rights reserved.


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