NaNoWriMo Day 16: Over the Hump on Hump Day, Oddly Enough.

Posted: November 16, 2011 in National Novel Writing Month, sci fi, utter crap
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No excerpts today. I went in and tweaked some bits about the philosophical debate between the two sides fighting over The Queen and The Wise Woman. Just wanted to make it a little more clear that one side thinks that there are two personages that are distinct from one another, and the other side sees them as one and the same. Sort of an allusion to the ‘trinitarian’ versus ‘modalist’ views debated in the early Christian Church, ‘cept different.  I also built up some bits about what happens to Tule (the professor who becomes part of Mind), and some political chicanery afoot on Syl. The finished product might have absolutely none of that in it; I just thought it would be a good thing to put it on paper, so I know what’s going on.

One of the things I realize that I’m trying to create here is a very complex and nuanced universe. In my head, I can see the course of events, the flow of history, that led to my characters being who they are; the societies that shaped them, the beliefs they hold dear and also struggle with, even the (often unwieldy) names they get saddled with. The trick, for me, has been to provide all that backstory without bogging the whole thing down so that it reads like a history textbook. A thing I always have said about my writing (to all the uncounted thousands of people who’ve asked me), is that I picture what people are doing, what sort of things are happening, and then I write it down. I try to write it down in the way that I talk. The thing is, I actually talk like this. I’m a blast at parties, obviously.

Me at a party:

Me at a party, being the life of same.


Yeah, baby.


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