This one’s shaping up to be a doozy.

Wide awake at what my body says is 4:30 am, but the clock tells me that we sprung ahead sometime during the night. An hour lost with nothing to show for it. A nocturnal omission.

Williams Park, downtown. Number 4 bus stop.

I really don’t know why I hate Sundays. Sunday feels like a day I have to endure, to get through somehow. Sunday feels like a test, a test I haven’t studied for.

Sunday feels like being alone and waiting for a call that you know won’t come.

Sunday is isolation in a strange town.

Sunday is quiet, rigorously enforced. Sounds, no matter how loud, are absorbed, overwhelmed. It’s an all-day oppressive silence.

Sunday is a day tailor made for Johnny Cash: a voice like scorched earth, a guitar strummed with coarse sandpaper, a bare light bulb in a shack on a desolate prairie.

Sunday is picking through the ruins, the shards of broken glass and pottery. Lifting the rusted and mangled steel and seeing the insects scatter: too many legs and eyes, alien and photophobic.

Sunday is argumentative, the inspiration of discord. Dis-chord. All chittering minor seconds and screechy leading tones that never resolve. Sardonic fight music.

Sunday has a flavor. Mix the sulfur of rotten eggs with day-glo sweet ‘n’ sour and garbage turned rancid. Taste while being whacked upside yo head with a cinderblock.

(Attention:When writing any phrase that includes the words  “upside” and “head”, the correct possessive pronoun to be used is always “yo”, never “your”. Please make a note of it. Thank you.)

Sunday is the inability to breathe. Drown.

Sunday is the hangover. Awake to the noxious smells. Lights are too bright. You are the photophobic insect.

Stand by yourself, in the middle of the street. You’re small. Singled out. Brushed aside, neglected.

Stand by yourself, in the middle of the street. You harbor a secret of exposure, a stripping away of all dignity.

Stand by yourself, in the middle of the street.

It’s Sunday.

words and pictures © Christopher Ward. All rights reserved.


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