The Future: 1997 As Seen From 1963.

Posted: March 26, 2012 in sci fi, utter crap
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Something weird happens to the Moon. 

Journey with us now, to the far-out future of the year …
1997, AD.
The Place: Goddard Station, Sea of Tranquility, Luna.
A war-weary Commander Roman keeps an eye trained on the transmissions from the Soviet moon base, New Trotsky-grad.
Commander Roman’s counterpart, Comrade Lieutenant Werganovicz casts her suspicious gaze over to The Qiuyue Revolution Heroic People’s Ascension To The Heavens, also known as the Red Chinese Lunar Base.
Tsu Ming-Irene stares intently at a small monitor and counts the blips and beeps that will tell her what the Yankees are up to in their illegal occupation on the Moon.
The three of them are so intent on their observations of the others that they completely fail to notice the fact that the Earth, usually seen hanging low to the horizon, has vanished. They also don’t notice that the sun’s gone missing as well; even the stars themselves seem to have made themselves scarce.
When Comrade Lieutenant Werganovicz finally looks up from her graphs and tables, she lets out a startled yelp.
The sky above the Moon has become a vast gray wall. Where the blue-green Earth should be is a purple-ish ringed gas giant with its own system of moons. Where the yellow sun should be, a blue super-giant pours its hard white radiance over all.


words and pictures © Christopher Ward. All rights reserved.


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