Cane-Free Fridays and Bowling Shirts.

Posted: April 30, 2012 in rants
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“Marcy”, my best friend (whom you may remember from such posts as “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve: Grown and/or Sexy”  or “Superheroes”) has this trick where she will assign different activities to the various days of the week. She gives them catchy names, like “Workplace Violence Wednesday”, or plays her ukulele on days with a “u” in them, that sort of thing.  So, I stole the idea for naming “Cane Free Friday” from her: Every Friday, I will walk without the cane. We’ll see how that works out.

“So,” she began, “what made you decide to start walking around without the stick?”

I shrugged. Then, I realized that we were talking on the phone, and she couldn’t see that. “I dunno. Guess I’m getting tired of not being able to wear sunglasses without people thinking I’m blind all the time.”

“You sure it’s the cane?” Marcy snickered. “Because, in their defense, it could be the clothes you wear. They probably think that nobody who could see themselves would leave the house dressed the way you do.”

“Ha ha. Cute. Somebody’s in the mood for jokes, I see.”

“I’m just sayin’,” she added with a chuckle. “I still remember that puke green bowling shirt you used to wear.”

“The one with ‘Schoenling’ on the back and ‘Ward’ stitched over the front pocket? That shirt was classy!” I protested.

Marcy laughed. “Yeah, well, your ‘classy’ shirt haunts my nightmares sometimes. It. Was. Puke. Green.” I don’t know how someone can create punctuation just with their voice, but Marcy does it regularly. “Your wife should’ve been glad I buried it someplace.”

“THAT’S what happened to it? Where? Where’d you bury it?”

“Oh, no,” Marcy grinned. “Not telling. That shirt was like the One Ring. It was evil. Evil, I tells ya.”


Well, any way, Cane – Free Friday was a success. Hopefully, it will get to expand throughout the rest of the week.

Also, I got this:

Not puke green but an awesome bowling shirt, nonetheless.

So there.


 words and pictures © Christopher Ward. All rights reserved.

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  2. sakuraandme says:

    I shouldn’t laugh but this was so funny! *smiling* Buried the evil shirt! *laughing* I’m behind on the cane thing? Do you need one? ….Paula x

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