Venn Diagram.

Posted: May 8, 2012 in critique, rants, start!
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You remember them, right? From math class, like the 2nd grade or something. Set theory. All of X share this property; all of Y share some other property; both X and Y have some other property in common. You illustrate this by drawing a couple of intersecting circles, with the space shared by both circles representing the subset where X and Y meet. Sometimes the point of commonality is pretty big: dolphins gots hemoglobin, people gots hemoglobin: all God’s chillun gots hemoglobin. (Preach, deacon Jones!) Not to mention sexual reproduction, growth stages, mammary glands, bad breath, etc. The space between can contain a great number of things. Other times, however, X and Y have very little in common. Monteverdi and Bow Wow Wow. Both make music. And, they’re not from America. That’s about it, unless somebody can point out the influence of Burundi drumming in Domine Ad Adjuvandum.

People put themselves into these little subsets and such. “I’m a Democrat.” “I believe that Hare Krishna is the answer.” “I’m down with O.P.P.” Whatever. There are points of intersection, of course, but we get so wrapped up in being this thing or that thing that we don’t get the commonalities. We stick others into these sets as well. Makes it easier to gain a sense of control over others. “What do you know about it, (insert bunch of people you don’t like here)?” Worse yet, there are times where we purposely confine ourselves to this set or that set, as if that’s all we are. All we ever could be. It’s a tool for defining ourselves, but it also limits us.

Make space. Spread out. Expand. Fill it out, get free. You know the drill.

I guess what I’m trying to say here, is, look. You are more than just whatever one thing you’ve been limiting yourself to. We all are.
We all spill out of our subsets.



 words and pictures © Christopher Ward. All rights reserved.

  1. Kana Tyler says:

    beautifully put!

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