Betty Brown.

Posted: September 9, 2012 in rants
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My left thumb is bothering me.

It has been doing this for a while, now. I don’t remember when it started – I think it began sometime after one of the strokes, but I’m not sure which one. Or if it’s related to that at all.

If you play guitar, you may already see this as a bit of a problem. If not, let me explain it to you, and why I’m a bit upset. Just a bit, mind you.

My left hand is the hand I use to fret with. Meaning that I use this hand to press the strings down on the neck of the guitar, allowing me to play chords and such. When I play a chord on the guitar, I use my left thumb as part of the, well, I don’t remember the engineering term for it, but “clamp” works – part of the clamp that holds the strings. My left thumb fatigues after a while.

How long is a while?

It’s been getting shorter and shorter.

Yesterday when I was rehearsing with Rob, I couldn’t play through an entire song. This song, the one formerly called “The Artist”. It has really lovely jazzy chords all through it that really fit the lyrics. It is currently my favorite song to play (that I wrote, at least). I wrote it on the guitar in the picture.

Betty Brown is a Gretsch Electromatic archtop acoustic guitar. Picture taken with LG Motion camera and augmented via Shotwell program on my computer. So there.

This guitar is one that I picked up from Louisville, KY. When I was in the shop, it just called out to me, if such a thing can be believed. Yes, of course, it’s nothing but a collection of wood and metal and plastic cranked out in a factory in Korea someplace. It is just one of thousands of other guitars that rolled off the production line that day. Somebody probably put the last string on it, passed it off to the QC guy, and went to lunch. Didn’t think any more about it. It’s an inanimate object.

Doesn’t mean I don’t, well, I guess, love her.

It’s a she, of course. How could she not be? Look at those graceful curves. If you could hear her voice; clear, ringing like bells, even when someone like me with Drummer Fingers(tm) plays her. You’d know she was a she.

And, when I hold her in my arms, she reminds me of someone. Hence, the song.

Yesterday, I couldn’t even play her.

Getting old’s a bitch.

words  and pictures © Christopher Ward. All rights reserved.


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