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Posted: October 16, 2012 in Coffee
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A little while ago, I posted this. In it, I stated that there are Pilots and Navigators; when the two of them can work together, they can accomplish all sorts of things. A couple of friends of mine said it was pretty good, and that it touched a nerve. I was honored by that. Who wouldn’t be, really: you string a bunch of words together and they represent a thought. That thought then resonates with someone else, who tells someone else about it. They tell another person about it, and so on, and so on … (Cue Faberge Shampoo ad.) Okay. Maybe not that many people. Still, it’s really amazing what words can do.

I am wondering if these roles, Navigator and Pilot, are actually fixed and chiseled in stone after all. If someone is the type of person who comes up with an idea or a destination, does that make her a Pilot for all time? If a guy knows all the ways he can go from point A to point B, can we stamp “Navigator” on his head and send him on his way? I’m not sure at the moment. One of the things I have noticed about people is that we are fluid, and that we change, we adapt. We grow. We’re really hard to pin down, as a species.

Case in point: Lately, I’ve gotten serious about roasting coffee. It’s been a dream of mine since the 90s to run my own coffee place. A couple years ago, I worked for a coffee roaster/espresso bar. I left before I could really get into the whole roasting side of the business, but I picked up on a lot. So, flash forward to now. I got a free sample of green coffee beans from The Coffee Project and was surprised by how rewarding it is to roast your own. An idea begins to take shape:

1.Get a tabletop roaster, some bags, and a whole bunch of beans.

2.Roast me a lot of coffee and bag that stuff up, yo.



I tell Marcy about this, who starts running with it. Marketing ideas, creating my own special blends, legal stuff, all that. Just a fount, a flood, even, of suggestions and directions.


And I would feel quite comfortable trusting Marcy to do the map reading on this trip.

So, what just happened here? I thought I knew what kind of person I was. I … I’m like, so confused, man.

Anyway.  Roasted my 4th batch yesterday. You’re supposed to let the beans rest for a bit before you use them, as they are still letting off CO2 and developing their complex flavors and all this other technical coffee nerd mumbo-jumbo. Costa Rican La Magnolia beans that I tried something new with: Torrefacto. Sugar glaze about 20% of the beans before you roast them. I use a pan on the stove. Which, thanks to the Malliard reaction and caramelization, now looks like this:

Huh. So, burnt sugar sticks to the bottom of a pan? I’ll be darned.

I think it’ll be worth it. The beans are of a darker roast than I’ve usually done, but the aroma is … well …

Picture caramel. Thick, rich, creamy. Add a bit of Bourbon and dark chocolate.

Then rub that all over the desirable person of your choosing.

That’s what it smells like.

My precious …

Smeagol would be pleased. I mean, just look at those beautiful little suckers. Dark, glistening, gorgeous.


It’s morning enough, now. I’ve put it off for as long as I could stand. Time to break out the press pot and see what I hath wrought.

Look out, hot stuff comin’ thru.

words  and pictures © Christopher Ward. All rights reserved

  1. sakuraandme says:

    Hope it worked well!! coffee is sooo addictive!!…YUM!!!!!

  2. getbusyyall says:

    It’s pretty good. Darker than I’m used to, but real smooth.

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