Posted: October 26, 2012 in rants
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I drifted awake, because I could swear I had been having a conversation.

As the world around me became solid and dark, and as I gradually found that my head was facing the wall and the noise was the leaves against the window, the conversation faded. The details grew diffuse, unclear. What was she talking about? Didn’t we have this conversation before? Where were we? When were we? And so forth. I struggled to remember.

I am left, now, with only the vaguest notion, the impression like a thinning mist. Time is jumbled, knotted together like February’s Christmas tree lights. Through it all, I. Cannot. Forget.

Let go? How?

You can’t let go of a shadow. The shadow falls on you, evidence of light re-directed. The best you can hope for, is to move. Duck and dodge, bob and weave.

Soon, the mind fills itself: what’s for breakfast? Did I pay that bill? I wonder who’s on online right now? Who came up with the question mark? These types of things.

There is so much more to this. In this case, more details would make things less clear.

So …

words and pictures © Christopher Ward. All rights reserved.

  1. sakuraandme says:

    So my friend..the mind boggles!
    Life can be so damn confusing! *smiles* Hope life’s being kind to you?
    If not?..shake it off and keep writing! Paula x

    • getbusyyall says:

      Doing better, friend. Hope you’re the same!

      • sakuraandme says:

        I think something weird was in the air on the weekend..I felt low and argued with my son (he’s 28) and I never fight with him!!

        Ramblingswithamum argued with her daughter and escapingthedarkness struggled over the weekend with loneliness!

        So what gives?.*smiling*…things can only get better for all of us.
        Paula x

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