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Posted: December 6, 2012 in Allosaurus, sci fi
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So, it occurred to me that I need to make something that explains what is going on in Allosaurus; especially since there’s a lot of different characters and motivations and all that. You can read this, you can skip it, you can do whatever. It’s kinda like in that regard. You can do anything. And as always, here’s the link to the first episode of this thing.

In the present day and age, in an America not too dissimilar to the one we know, there is a city on the Gulf Coast of Florida. This city, for reasons not yet known, is experiencing an epidemic of costumed vigilantes. Some of these people are comical, or just doing it for a laugh; some, not so much. Each of them is an “other”, an outsider in some way. Perhaps it is this sense of being “not quite the same” that fuels these “superheroes” in their night time activities?

Francine Braithwaite –   Two years before our story starts, something … bad happened to this young woman. Something turned a carefree, music loving, slightly spoiled daughter of West Indian immigrants into a dark, brooding machine of vengeance and wanton violence. Some people think she’s one of several reported “Commando Girls” stalking the city’s criminal element. What ever you do, however, don’t call her Frannie.

Cheryl Jefferson – Francine’s girlfriend, and once-upon-a-time band mate. A few years older than her, Cheryl is very protective of  Francine and her secrets. However, this bass-playing momma bear has a few secrets of her own. Also, she hates toe tags.

Palmetto-Bug Man – A man who has taken, for his totem animal, the tank-like Floridian cockroach  with whom he shares a nearly indestructible nature. He often works in conjunction with the mysterious Bureau. An amnesia victim, Palmetto-Bug Man goes by the name “Bud” when not in his crime fighting ensemble in shades of doo-doo brown.

Mister Vanglorious – Lawyer by day, black nationalist superhero by night. Vanglorious, also known as Gerard Douglass, was one of the first of the masked vigilantes to appear in the city. Together with the Enforcer and Arctica Winters, Vanglorious is something of a community leader/elder stateman in the spandex and cape set.

Larry Forbes – Former Bureau agent with an axe to grind. Forbes has a jones for cheese curls, highly caffeinated citrus soda and complicated revenge plots. Sells arms and surplus weapons tech to the highest bidder; however, Forbes sees this as merely a means to an end.

Project KillswitchFranklin DeSoto, Fenris Quarters and Pamela Divers (or Kracko, Teppo and Oxmyx) are three best friends who, for some reason, are not running the city as they would expect. They formed Killswitch as a means of pooling their intellect and nerdy abilities to rectify this unfortunate circumstance. They have been receiving some guidance and equipment from Forbes, but they are starting to chafe under his dictatorial rule.

Bamela Divers – twin sister of Pamela Divers, Bamela works for the Bureau where she acts as a handler for Palmetto-Bug Man. With her cover as his girlfriend, Bamela is able to provide Palmetto-Bug Man with intel and instruction. She has no idea that her twin is anything more than a perpetual college student and cashier at a grocery store; she has, however, an inkling as to who Palmetto-Bug Man was before he lost his memory.

Arctica Winters – She may be from another world. She’s not telling. Whether extraterrestrial in origin or not, Winters has an uncanny knack for controlling ice and for freezing things. Which, by the way, is an ironic superpower for a vigilante in Florida.

The Enforcer – Genetically engineered super-soldier from the future, Keith Stuart-Windsor was trapped here in our time by an accident. At least, he claims it was an accident. Vanglorious suspects that both Winters and the Enforcer have hidden motives.

Lady Justice – Irene Sadowicz alternates between referring to herself as Zaria the Honorable and Lady Justice. She considers herself to be the vessel for the Slavic goddess of valor and protection.

And The Rest – Amazin’ Ape, Kid Kaos (R.I.P.), Maxine Mistress, The Mighty Green Aphid, Gang Green (also R.I.P.), Los Stupendoids, and Ms. Potato, Girl of a Thousand Body Parts: Other vigilantes that make appearances from time to time, or not. Maybe.

words and pictures © Christopher Ward. All rights reserved.

  1. sakuraandme says:

    Cool! Thanks for the run down. My favorite character is Francine Braithwaite!
    Have a great weekend! ……Paula x

  2. getbusyyall says:

    Fran’s a favorite of mine, also. For what it’s worth, I’ve heard that often an author likes to take a “favored” character and put her/him in really bad situations …

    You have a good weekend too!

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