Violence, Human Worth, and Allosaurus.

Posted: December 14, 2012 in rants, Uncategorized

Today sucked a lot. I don’t know what to say about the evil that went down in Connecticut; I don’t think there are any words, really. No words that will bring those people back. No words that will really heal. No words that will change the horror and revulsion. I will be seriously re-thinking the direction of this story. There needs to be something done, in this society, that will work against the death worshipping cult that prevails today. “Guns don’t kill people”, they say, but it’s damn hard to kill a large number of people with a knife. Alternately, without the mindset that devalues human life, a gun is a hunk of metal. As the Onion said today, “Fuck It All.” Thanks for listening.

  1. BH says:

    About the knife thing – I heard that there was a kid who injured twenty-something classmates in a school in China today. They weren’t killed, yes. But considering how little we seem to understand trauma and how often society marginalizes or insists on drugging those who struggle with trauma (you know, the ‘if you can’t fix them, Stepford-ize them’) I’m not sure which is kinder. I don’t know if they’ve established whether the guy who did this had any sort of established mental illness, but how bad is society at dealing with that sort of thing anyway? In the absence of affordable health care/health insurance, what’s to be done on that side? And if it’s just someone who was acting out of their own sense of marginalization, what does that say about a society so busy nesting with ‘their own’ and not caring about those who have no families? One other thought here…about how many people interviewed say they moved to that small town to ‘escape’ greater society. When are we going to learn that the more we try to escape, the more life proves that there is no escape from life except in death?

    • getbusyyall says:

      These are good points. I think that if we, even as just individuals, can do some sort of kind, human act, no matter how small, that might – MIGHT – help, some how. I don’t know. Reaching out to the lost and marginalized; making an effort to live in the world of our fellow humans; and above all, not making perpetrators of these crimes more famous and known than the people they killed or the ones who survived. Something to change the tenor of society.

  2. sakuraandme says:

    Not sure exactly what happened other than what you and someone else posted? Obviously people died for no reason. Guns are evil things, rights to bare arms makes no sence to me! Americans are dying from this law!! Why? Not one politician would have the guts to take this law away!! Yet they stand there for the world to see and say what a tragedy it is! So, do something to stop it!!
    Sorry you live in a country with such madness. I love America, but come on people don’t you see the rest of the world see’s this rule as madness!!
    Huge hug to you! ….Paula x

    • getbusyyall says:

      It’s one of those things that’s hard-wired into the U.S. Constitution, called the Second Amendment. It basically states that, in order to create a well – equipped militia, the right of the public to bear arms shall not be abridged, or words to that effect. Basically, there was concern in the 18th century that some king or tyrant would just come waltzing over here one day and start taking over; well-armed citizenry was supposed to be a check against that. Never mind the fact that the weapons of the day were single-shot muskets, or the fact that any invading or home-based power that would want to take over these days has access to weaponry that could take you out before you even knew what happened. Whenever someone mentions increased gun control here, that person tends to get heaped with abuse and scorn. If they’ve got any political aspirations, coming out in favor of gun control is a good way to end your career real quick-like. And, yes, some of us see it for the madness that it is, but there’s just enough paranoia in the DNA of this place to make those who would cling to their guns, cling all the harder in the face of global condemnation. Fear of being taken over by the U.N., essentially.

      Anyway, I’m done with my rant. Hugs to you too!

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