So, I’m gonna try to not make this sound like an ok cupid ad. Wish me luck.

I used to teach elementary music classes. Now I don’t.

I play music, usually in front of other people and whatnot. Generally, this involves a lot of beating on things and singing. Sometimes I play guitar.

I write professionally when I can, on an amateur basis the rest of the time. These writings generally have to do with science fiction, poetry, social critiques and harangues, and they often include pictures. Everybody loves pictures. Apparently, I write like bad, fake Vonnegut. Hi ho.

Also, there are ukuleles.

  1. Thanks very much for stopping by my blog. Looking froward to your future posts!

  2. sakuraandme says:

    Hi!..Thanks for checking out my blog.
    I love music!!…and pictures:)

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