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Finding Solace in the Gutter.

Here is a very arresting photograph by a fellow blogger. You might go and check out their work. I had to write something that seemed, to me at least, to fit the mood of the picture. Like someone who had to make a very tough decision with no clear “good” outcome, no matter what the choice was.


There. It’s done. I did it.

I don’t regret it, either.

Not one damn bit.





The Lyceum at Mirror Lake.

The Lyceum was a church in Downtown Saint Pete, by Mirror Lake and the Library. Lately, I’ve been taking a lot of pictures in that area, in preparation for some more serious work I’d like to do with a better camera, digital software,  and all that. In the meantime, I wanted to post this picture as it seems to speak a lot to some things that have been weighing heavily on my mind lately.

Things start out one way, built for one purpose; but as time goes on, they become re-configured and made over. This first church in Saint Petersburg becomes a banquet hall, and then a wedding facility.

Relationships, too, go through these changes, it seems.

There’s someone I care a great deal for. I have loved her deeply, and to an extant, rather illogically, for a long time. This relationship was … re-configured, long ago. What we thought was the original purpose of our relationship changed, mutated, into something else. I don’t react well to change, it seems, and I am still having a great deal of trouble with it. Even though it’s been years, I think I’m in the anger stage, or the bargaining stage, or something. But it’s like this Lyceum in a way. It’s still a thing of great beauty and purpose, but the purpose is changing, growing. The growth hurts, at times beyond what I think I can stand. Probably like shoring up centuries-old beams and walls puts a stress on the Lyceum, or like re-carpeting and re-tiling floors can seem like the most radical surgery. I imagine that if the Lyceum was a person, there were times that it would have cussed and thrown things and smashed plates and whatnot, too. Yet someone had a plan for making the Lyceum over into a new and glorious thing.

If it was a person , would the Lyceum have trusted the plan? Even if it couldn’t have seen the end?

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